Standard Systems

Through our experience and large installed base we have developed some standardised solutions for common industry applications.

Our EHLA-Clad™ range are designed for EHLA process onto straight or conical workpieces.

The use of 3 or 4 axis CNC control ensures the high precision required for the process and ease of operator training and programming.

The Flexi-CLAD™ range is widely selected by multi-purpose shops who have a wide variety of applications and want to ensure the most flexibility form their investment.

Available with complete selection of laser cladding process’ and incorporating a 6 axis robot, linear guide and integrated turntable ensures that there is no limit to this machine capability.

All our standard systems are integrated with our Hornet Human Machine Interface (HMI) Is designed for ease of process operation and monitoring of all system components.

Our HMI Easy Programming Mode enables fast programming of common geometries (conical, shafts, discs). Requirements for operator skill is reduced; it is only required to enter basic data to enable the system to calculate the required movements.

The cladding parameters are easily recalled allowing cladding to start in a matter of minutes.

H.M.I Process dashboard allows the operator to:

  1. Select parameters.
  2. Start / Stop process.
  3. Idle mode (ON / OFF).
  4. Start / Stop powder feeder.
  5. Review system status.
  6. Recipe storage & recall.


We are so glad to have you as our system partner to jointly develop the EHLA professional, which are tailored designed for the Chinese market. So far, Hornet and ACunity together are the biggest EHLA system provider in the Chinese market (in total of 10 systems)

We are very convinced and satisfied with the qualification and expertise of the system technology of Hornet. The whole team members of Hornet B.V are ready for problem-solving. With your support, we are able to provide our customers with a fast solution if any technical problems occurred.

In the future, we will pursue our partnership deeper and wider such as automated monitoring systems, data acquisition, and analyzing as well as the build-up of the global supply chain to be competitive and agile. We are looking forward to having a great future together.

Chen Hong
Managing Director of ACunity GmbH

We have Hornet as supplier for our two laserclad systems. Our first system a 2KW laser from Laserline and now 4 years later our new 4KW laser from Laserline. We needed to expand our capacity with a second laser and made a business case of our needs together with Hornet.

They recommended that a complete 4KW laser system from Laserline was the best match for our needs. We are very glad with our new laser system and the service from Hornet.

Also for laser safety, spare parts and repair parts the help from Hornet is always accurate and fast.

Richard van der Windt

We have worked with Hornet Laser Cladding for the development of a multi-process direct metal deposition device. Thanks to their background and their extended expertise, they were able to develop unique equipment combining laser cladding, wire arc additive manufacturing and wire laser additive manufacturing. For us the big advantage was to work with an integrator able to understand our request and design customized equipment able to be further developed as a function of our research fields.

Following this first good experiment, we have recommended Hornet Laser Cladding to our industrial partners.

Cédric Georges
Coordinator of the Advanced Manufacturing Technological Platform