As a market leading supplier of laser based surface solutions, we have extensive knowledge on the laser cladding process in a wide variety of industrial applications. We know what it takes to create successful laser cladding solutions. The application of the customer is at the basis of our system designs. Combined with our hands-on and in-depth laser cladding knowhow, this results in a creative solution with optimal process conditions and long term partnerships.

We are a trusted advisor to the industry, verified by our enviable client base of large multi-nationals, independent engineering shops and institutions.

Over 40 machines supplied, and installed worldwide

We are capable of creating heavy duty systems for cladding parts up to 26 meters long, but also for parts of just a few centimeters; from conventional cladding speeds to extreme high-speed cladding (EHLA).

With systems installed all over the world we know that reliable functionality of our systems is essential. Based on the customers requirement we take care for tailor-made service contracts, carried out by our professional service technicians.

Once developed, built and delivered, a Hornet system can be operational within a few days. Our technicians will perform the installation of the system.

To be highly effective with our systems, support with the set-up and the understanding of the actual laser cladding process is essential. The machine training for employees, who will be working with the systems, has our full attention. Weld advice, process knowledge, procedure tests and qualifications can all provided.

There is always an open invitation to visit our facility, to meet our team and to better understand how we take care for your project.

We don’t just sell machines, we are your partner


We are so glad to have you as our system partner to jointly develop the EHLA professional, which are tailored designed for the Chinese market. So far, Hornet and ACunity together are the biggest EHLA system provider in the Chinese market (in total of 10 systems)

We are very convinced and satisfied with the qualification and expertise of the system technology of Hornet. The whole team members of Hornet B.V are ready for problem-solving. With your support, we are able to provide our customers with a fast solution if any technical problems occurred.

In the future, we will pursue our partnership deeper and wider such as automated monitoring systems, data acquisition, and analyzing as well as the build-up of the global supply chain to be competitive and agile. We are looking forward to having a great future together.

Chen Hong
Managing Director of ACunity GmbH

We have Hornet as supplier for our two laserclad systems. Our first system a 2KW laser from Laserline and now 4 years later our new 4KW laser from Laserline. We needed to expand our capacity with a second laser and made a business case of our needs together with Hornet.

They recommended that a complete 4KW laser system from Laserline was the best match for our needs. We are very glad with our new laser system and the service from Hornet.

Also for laser safety, spare parts and repair parts the help from Hornet is always accurate and fast.

Richard van der Windt

We have worked with Hornet Laser Cladding for the development of a multi-process direct metal deposition device. Thanks to their background and their extended expertise, they were able to develop unique equipment combining laser cladding, wire arc additive manufacturing and wire laser additive manufacturing. For us the big advantage was to work with an integrator able to understand our request and design customized equipment able to be further developed as a function of our research fields.

Following this first good experiment, we have recommended Hornet Laser Cladding to our industrial partners.

Cédric Georges
Coordinator of the Advanced Manufacturing Technological Platform