Powder Feed Systems

The Hornet powder feeder is one of the easiest to operate and most reliable powder feeders in their class.

They have low maintenance requirements and supply powder to the nozzle in a manner that ensures repeatable high quality coatings.

The powder feeder is based on the volumetric principle used for accurate and homogeneous powder feed.

Supplied as part of an integrated Laser Cladding system or as stand-alone units.

The entire powder feeder is designed to meet all required safety and gas control standards.

Technical features

  • Powder feed carrier gases are Mass Flow Controlled.
  • RPM of feeder wheel: 0,2 to 10 in 0,1 steps (Set/actual value).
  • RPM of stirrer in percent 0-100% in 1% steps (Set/actual value).
  • Powder feed rate accuracy of +/- 1-2 grams per minute.
  • Interface CPU with Profinet.
  • Powder hopper mounted on a mobile cabinet.
  • Motor driven hopper, incl various stirrer options.
  • Standard disc groove for a feed rate of approx.5 to 100 g/min (other discs on request).
  • Powder feed lines can be operated separately or simultaneously.
  • Suitable for all Laser Cladding techniques and also for Thermal Spray.

Available with the following options

  • 1 to 4 Hoppers.
  • 1.5l or 5l Hoppers.
  • Hopper heater jackets.
  • Powder feed rate control system (scale).
  • BUS protocol.
  • Remote control panel.
  • Choice of feed disc, stirrer and spreader & suction pieces.