Laser cladding has been used for many years in the shipping and offshore industry to provide metal components with a wear-resistant coating. Because the laser melts the top layer of the substrate, there is an atomic bond with the new coating. Because of the atomic bond under corrosion is ruled out. The substrate and overlay become one and cannot be separated. Laser cladding will increase the components lifespan. The clad layer can be used for repairs, wear prevention and corrosion resistance.

Metal alloy

A laser cladding system built by Hornet is suited for a broad range of metal alloys for both substrate and overlay. The main condition is that the material is weldable. Together we will find the best solutions for you application.


Hornet Laser Cladding always builds customized systems, tailored to the application. This can be a production line for hydraulic cylinders up to 24 meters in length, but also a machine for cladding smaller precision components. By focusing on the application, the Hornet installations excel in simplicity. This guarantees easy operation and a long service life.


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