EHLA Delivers Multimaterial Showcase for NACE Corrosion 2020

TWI’s new EHLA system is now in service and producing samples for the team to investigate. The EHLA process has many potential capabilities for manufacturing sectors and is suitable for various applications. This novel technology is growing in popularity, particularly in the automotive sector for high-wear applications like brake discs, as well as a replacement of hard chrome plating and thermal spray techniques for corrosion protection.

Prior to the postponement of the NACE Corrosion 2020 conference, TWI produced a sample to showcase the EHLA system’s capabilities in coatings and corrosion protection of the future.

With just 3 days from instigation to shipping, the team, led by Senior Project Leader Josh Barras, produced the sample shown below in record time. The sample consists of a 316L Stainless Steel shaft coated progressively in Inconel 625, Tribaloy T800 and Copper-nickel alloy.

The total time taken to coat this 200mm sample with 4 layers was 6 minutes (excluding material changeover time), showcasing the exciting promise of EHLA both in dissimilar material compatibility, and as a high-speed alternative to existing coating methods.

If you are interested in finding out what the EHLA process could contribute for your needs, please get in contact with the team.

TWI is launching a Joint Industry Programme based on this technology in Q3-Q4 2020.

Hornet Laser Cladding: EHLA Delivers Multimaterial Showcase for NACE Corrosion 2020