About Our Company

Hornet Laser Cladding BV, established in 2015 is active in the relatively young market of laser cladding. Our vision is to provide the best laser-based surface solutions available and to be top of mind supplier when customers seek to enter into this technology space.

We offer flexible turnkey solutions to our customers and pride ourselves on being easy to deal with. Consultation begins with understanding the application(s) of the customer ensuring that we offer exactly the right solution and ensuring customers get what they need and don’t pay for something they don’t need.

Our range of standardised machines are designed for specific key applications and ensure reduced engineering time and build time. Our bespoke solutions can take an unlimited form and are optimised to the customers needs, space and budget.

We are leading the market in continual improvement to process stability, productivity and flexibility; this includes the recent launch of our high power EHLA and internal EHLA cladding techniques.

More than just a system integrator, we are a total solution provider offering our own product range of equipment and support with powders and cladding parameters.Our in-house application centre is available for customer demonstration, training, cladding optimisation and cladding trails.

We look forward to working with you.

Why Work With Us

  • Leading global supplier of laser based surface solutions.
  • Trusted advisors to industry and academia.
  • Partner of choice for leading OEM’s, independent manufacturers and repair shops.
  • Easy to deal with and fast in response.
  • Tailored solutions – you get what you need.
  • Highly engineered systems with ease of operation, maintenance and process repeatability in mind.